If an item sold by NOVA SPACE was turned down by Zarelli then I personally have my doubts about Mr Zarelli. NOVA SPACE is the very best and most respected authority on Space Collectibles .

Someone on these forums made a harsh comment about these authenticators being licensed.

In many ways, I agree that these authenticators should be accountable. I never noticed the little disclaimer notice on the Zarrelli COAs until someone on this forum mentioned it and I'll be Dammed if it ain't true..it clearly states as follows " ZARRELLI AUTHENTICATION , LLC MAKES NO WARRANTEE OR REPRESENTATION , DOES NOT GUARANTEE AUTHENTICITY AND SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR LOSS OR DAMAGES ALLEGEDLY SUSTAINED AS A RESULT OF THIS OPINION " .

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After reading this I will voice my opinion and say that third party authenticators are a joke. Third party authenticators make money off people by giving opinions and they have no formal training at all in handwriting forensics.

Some of the so-called authenticators claim to have helped with court cases and this may be true but usually in either civil cases that require less concrete evidence or sometimes hearsay evidence might be used in a criminal case in certain instances.

I personally find it ludicrous and insulting to think that a civilian can do a proper investigation into a sample of handwriting when law enforcement investigators spend many classroom hours studying handwriting forensics.

This is like a civilian doing fingerprinting or DNA examinations because this is just not realistic. This is insulting to law enforcement and unfair to collectors like this one.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #1289697

this man steve zarelli and i use the term loosely who collects autographed photos of vanna white is trying to venture out authenticating other items such as space items. he is the only thing that is in outer space while still here on earth.

the man is in no uncertain terms a disgrace to the human race thinking he is so good. he is a blankety blankety scu/b]?


I have been collecting autographs for half a century. I am 74 years old.

in the old days autograph dealers knew what they were doing and they were very knowledgeable and credible. Today autograph dealers really don't know what they are doing do they use "AUTHENTICATORS" who create CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY. The problem is that Authenticator #A will not agree with Authenticator#B, both Authenticators #A and #B do not agree with the findings of Authenticator#C. If a dealer can't get Authenticator#A to give a COA on an item, he will move on to Authenticator#B and if that don't work out then there is always good ol' Authenticator#C to the rescue.

. . . .

. .As for Steve Zarelli is is green all over but he makes up for it with good ol' fashion salesmanship.

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