STEVE ZARELLI, a reader of comic books, an expert on Bazooka Bubble Gum, and and Autograph Collector from New York has posted a series of blatantly fabricated photographs of our American Legion Hall, located at the corner of Chestnut and Front Street in our Historic and Stoic town of Souderton, PA.

Our Legion Hall is Rented out four times per year for a Baseball card Show , on a monthly basis for the Baseball card Auctions that Mr. Zarelli likes to defame on his very public web site.

This is an accurate and true photograph of our beautiful and stoic American Legion Hall. Photo Credit : Capt. Alan Hunsaker, Ret. USMC , Korea

Monetary Loss: $100000.


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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #1289677

it is a shame that there is a village somewhere in the states looking for their missing idi//. i know where he is. on autograph magazine....

Amarillo, Texas, United States #863361

Zarelli might pretend to be more knowledgeable than he really is.He might frequent make mistakes when reviewing autographs.

The HATEFUL messages on his sites distress me the most, like the one about charity auctions and the one that defames this legion hall. Has zarelli ever had a child with cancer ?

has zarelli ever serviced his country in the military ?or does he still live with mommy and daddy and read comic books ?

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #835537

I find the post on Mr Zarelli site offensive .

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #828071

Steve Zarelli's Blog post was so unnecessary as are some of the follow-up posts below.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #827746

I have no idea who in the *** Steven Zarelli is or what he has to do with our legion Hall.I looked him up and he has nothing at all to do with anything.

He knows nothing at all about out Legion Hall. While Mr. Zarelli was reading comic books in the comfort of his home in Ballstown NY, I was in Irag serving in the 82nd Mother *** Airborne. Our Legion Hall rents out space to both Motes and Coaches .

Coaches office is on the first floor of the owner's house and his house looks nothing at all like the pictures Mr. Zarelli has posted up on his blogging site. Our Legion Hall does not look anything at all like the pictures posted on Mr.

Zarelli's blogging site.In fact there are no buildings at all in Souderton PA that look anything at all like the buildings Mr Zarelli has posted up on his blogging site.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #827374

This opening post has been created by the fraudster and forger/forgery dealer Karl Janesky a nasty Jew of Guildford, Connecticut. He sells on eBay under the user name "vintage761". He sold me two forged autographed pictures, wouldn't honor his written guarantees once they were determined to be forgeries and demanded the return of the fakes but I knew he would sell them to his other victims So I filed a charge back then the Jew lost the credit card charge back claim

He's a known forger, a dishonest Jew selling fakes in his dishonest Jewish way that he learned in Jew school

to Anonymous Sherman Oaks, California, United States #830074


to Anonymous Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #831289

What a loser this guy is. He is a racist too.

to Harry Garrigan Oakland, New Jersey, United States #832750

He hates Charity and he is an antisemitic too !

to Anonymous Saint Albans, England, United Kingdom #835772

i have lost all respect for you after seeing your ANONYMOUS racist statement.

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