Walton, New York

I sold a PETE CONRAD autograph on eBay. To those who do not know who Pete Conrad is, he was the third man to walk on the moon. Conrad signed several items for me , IN PERSON back in the early 1990's. He inscribed all the items and in retrospect this made it difficult to sell these. I did keep two for myself.

I sold one of these to a guy in Canada and in turn this Canadian guy sent the autograph to Steven Zarelli. Steven Zarelli is a notarized space autograph authenticator who charges $ 75-100 each for his examination and a Certificate of Authenticity on his letterhead. Zarelli is widely accepted as an expert in Space Autographs.

Since my autograph was signed IN PERSON , I was amazed that Steven Zarelli gave an opinion that the item was a CRUDE FORGERY. The buyer filed a complaint with eBay and he not only got a quick refund(Ebay just automatically took the funds from my Paypal account) and the buyer was told , by eBay, that he had no obligation to return my autograph to me.

My name is Dan Burns and I met Pete Conrad many times . I managed an auto parts chain and Pete Conrad made public appearances at several of my stores. I even have photographs that prove that he was in my stores as well as group photographs with me in these group shots with Pete.

I do not agree with Steven Zarelli's opinion and his opinion and rejection letter directly resulted in eBay taking action against me and most likely, the photograph, despite being real, was likely destroyed by man that bought it from me on eBay.

I am certain that Steve Zarelli has studied astronauts but my experience does not give me confidence in his abilities nor does it make me trust any so-called authenticators.

Monetary Loss: $150.


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Schenectady, New York, United States #1064173

This poor man thinks he is a space autograph expert but he is not an expert at all. I am embarrassed for the guy because his writings convince me of just how ignorant and green this guy is regarding space, space history, and space collectibles. He has nothing of value to offer and his postings are full of untruths and ignorance.

Denver, Colorado, United States #928910

I can honestly say that Steve is as honest as the day is long. I know him, trust him and take at face value everything he says!!

to wife of steve Mount Dora, Florida, United States #931356

Honesty and Competence are two very different traits.

to wife of steve Rochester, New York, United States #934936

There are dozens of complaints online about Steve.Not one complaint attacks Steve's honesty.

I will point out that Steve worked very hard to put his name on the line while promoting himself as an expert on autographs. It is unfortunate that people expect Steve to be 100% correct every time, especially when they are paying Steve a monetary tribute, although we do know this is not the truth at all. In fact if Steve "authenticates" 1,000 items per year and if he were 97% accurate (not likely), he could expect no less than thirty people being upset with him. I personally doubt that Steve is anywhere close to being 97% accurate.

Realistically, I think he is closer to 70-80% leaving behind a considerable number of disgruntled collectors .This is my honest opinion on the matter.

Barry S.

Rochester, NY


For just this reason, eBay is not a proper place to sell autographs. You have been warned.

Shelton, Washington, United States #904469

Why would a forger add an inscription ? There are so many Conrad autographs on the market right now that this item would be very hard to sell because most collectors are going to go for the un-inscribed version. Case Closed !


Unless I am missing something this autograph looks authentic to me .

to Nate #868414

The point is that it is authentic. Zarelli apparently rejected it because Zarelli makes mistakes.

Needles, California, United States #837300

Do yourself a big favor and just buy your autographs from a UACC Registered Dealer and you'll be fine.Zarelli has a disclaimer in tiny letters on his COAs so instead of paying money for worthless paper,use your $ 100 toward buying something very good from a reputable dealer.

Steve Zarelli is a very good salesman and exceeds at self promotion, but I personally am not impressed with any of the items he is alleged to have authenticated and I would not spend money on any of them either.

I am 73 years old an collected autographs my whole life.( my advice take it or leave it )

Houston, Texas, United States #833263

"Steven Zarelli is a notarized space autograph authenticator" Notarized ?Notarized by whom ?

This Zarelli charactor wrote some simpleton articles and all the low IQ collectors have been eating up the bull ever since.He has won over many people but he was never notarized or anything of the kind.

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