STEVE ZARELLI, a reader of comic books, an expert on Bazooka Bubble Gum, and and Autograph Collector from New York has posted a series of blatantly fabricated photographs of our American Legion Hall, located at the corner of Chestnut and Front Street in our Historic and Stoic town of Souderton, PA.

Our Legion Hall is Rented out four times per year for a Baseball card Show , on a monthly basis for the Baseball card Auctions that Mr. Zarelli likes to defame on his very public web site.

This is an accurate and true photograph of our beautiful and stoic American Legion Hall. Photo Credit : Capt. Alan Hunsaker, Ret. USMC , Korea

Monetary Loss: $100000.

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Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #832895

Zarelli does what benefits zarelli. He posted some really hostile opinions on his website he does not have any grasp of the true purpose of a charity auction and I pity the man. The fact that he recently changed to wording a little makes no different I know what he wrote and I don't like what wrote.


My opinion is Zarelli should stop giving opinions on autographs and leave the authentications to the real experts like PSA. His ideas about charity are distorted and mean and nasty.

He posted pictures of falling apart buildings and they arent our LH. So F You !

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #827199

You might be a big collector of *** but right now your an ***hole tonight! You don't like charity and you posted pictures that made their American Legion Hall look like*** ?

What the ***! You have no respect and you lack honor Zarnelli !!!


This was copied directly from Mr Zarelli's web site and i quote "Experienced autograph collectors have known for a long time charity auctions are a minefield of bad autographs." So I take it he does not approve of charity ? I will admit, charity auctions do not offer bargains, and people do not attend auctions held for charity for self profit,these are people who willingly donate and the auction process just adds to the fun and excitement.

At a charity, it would not be unusual to pay $ 200 for an item worth only $ 60.

Zarelli misses the point of charity auctions and he apparently posted pictures of an old outhouse with a fake,hand painted sign in front of it. *** BAG.

to Juliet Mirren CNA #837033

Pond *** !


Side Note; Our American Flag seems to be cropped off the photograph of our Beautiful and Stoic building. I wanted to note that our Flag (Which represents EVERYTHING you live for) is the very top flag that you would see, if the photograph did not get cropped so.

Mr. Zarelli, in the future, please refrain from posting pictures of our Legion Hall that lack accuracy or contain slander/defamation.

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