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It is a bitter pill when a young collector starts out by helping fellow collectors and along the way he begins to get lost in his own overconfident ways and becomes sloppy .It is nice to thwart off forgeries but not at the expense of honest collectors and dealers.

It is my own opinion that Steve should take a long hiatus and refrain from reviewing any more autographs for a while. Steve needs to spend some quiet study time and refresh his authentication studies. Every time an authenticator makes a judgment on a written piece his/her goal needs to be the truth and not a pat on the back. Authentication is not a popularity contest.

It is unfair to make hasty inaccurate calls and it is the innocent collectors who pay the price for errors.This is my unbiased opinion


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GentlemenI appreciate the inquiry. However, given there is an ongoing case (which does not involve me or items I reviewed), I think I should limit my commentary.To answer Mike T's question: Yes, RR always sends me items to review in hand if I request them, and I review items in hand often.I have a number of images on my web site of me reviewing items that appeared in various RR Auctions.In terms of standard industry practice, the following applies to PSA, JSA, Heritage and a host of others: Experienced people on site review items to ensure they are live ink, not laser copies, etc., and they typically *** out obvious fakes.

Items that pass the initial review onsite are sent via high resolution scan to the consultants for their input. As far as I know, RR is one of the only auction houses that is willing to ship items to consultants.As far as how in-depth "pre-screen" goes, I can only speak for myself.

I review each and every item carefully like I was going to buy it myself.I do NOT quickly breeze through items and I do not take "pre-screen" lightly.I've consulted with RR for almost four years now, and to my knowledge, not one item I reviewed has been returned for authenticity reasons.That's probably over 6,000 signatures. No authenticator is perfect and it is a constant learning process, but I am proud of my track record and the fact that RR's Space Auctions are the most prestigious in the world.Steve Zarelli

Yonkers, New York, United States #924925

Steve Zarelli ran a Beanie Baby Authentication service in the late 1990's. Steve provided a very helpful Beanie authentication consulting services to individuals , Beanie dealers and wrote dozens of articles for various Beanie Baby organizations, ...


I once sold a large lot of early comic books on eBay. Steve Zarelli did not like to final bid price so he decided to stick his nose in where it did not belong and he contacted my customer and tried to convince that winning bidder to not complete the sale. I saw the load of complaints against this guy so here is my own story just to keep the complaints high in the Google search even though my complaint has nothing to do with signatures.


A little "Humble Pie" never hurt anybody.

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