For the record, as the owner of some of the rarest space memorabilia (including one of very few items signed by all 12 moonwalkers) I can attest that Steve Zarelli is among the best forensic autograph reviewers in the world, and is widely respected by reputable auction houses and dealers around the world.I started using Zarelli for authentication several years ago at the recommendation of several of the best known space collectors and dealers in the U.S.

and Europe. Steve will not attach his authentication to a signature unless it passes a very rigid authentication process. He rarely renders an opinion that a signature is a forgery, unless it is a precise match with known forgers.

It is a bitter pill when you have purchased a signed photograph or text with no verifiable provenance, and finding that the best authenticators won't sign off on it.And that is the basis for the handful of rants against Zarelli on this site, which I consider nothing less than unfounded slander -- which is why they are all "anonymous."


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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #1290958

i dont know where you have been but you better get with the real world pal... this guy zarelli could not even get a date right...june of 1944 to august 1945 is not 2 months as this bogus authenticator stated.....he said the item was fake because it was only 2 months old. try 14 months pal....

Herkimer County, New York, United States #1147442

Here's an Autograph Authenticator that is great. If you don't believe that Steve Zarelli is great then just ask him and he will tell you..."I'm Great ! "

to TonyZarelli47 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #1290960

yes ...his middle name is cassius ....

Yonkers, New York, United States #1016458

I find it interesting the the REAL Mark Caldwell has read this and responded below.

Amarillo, Texas, United States #866830

Zarelli might pretend to be more knowledgeable than he really is.He might frequent make mistakes when reviewing autographs.

The HATEFUL messages on his sites distress me the most, like the one about charity auctions and how no one should support them. Has Zarelli ever had a child with cancer ?

has Zarelli ever served his country in the military ?or does he still live with mommy and daddy and read comic books ?


>>Steve will not attach his authentication to a signature unless it passes a very rigid authentication process. <<

That process include some guessing ( a 50/50 chance ) , and a side by side comparison (like most collectors do ).

Steve Zarelli has no classroom hours in HANDWRITING FORENSICS and his COAs have a legal disclaimer along the bottom stating that it only represents an OPINION.

The only thing Steve does different than most collectors is that he has marketed himself and that is something Steve does very well.

Utica, New York, United States #859258

The original poster has not replied to my inquiry as to if there is another person with the same name as myself. I did not post the above and the only connection that I have to Mr. Zarelli is one of my co-workers knows him and sent me a link to this forum and the other various postings

Utica, New York, United States #858620

My name is Mark C Caldwell and I live in Herkimer NY .I am employed in the banking industry .

I want to go on the record That I Do NOT Know Steven Zarelli.

I have never posted anything about him. Today I was sent a link by my co-worker. My co-worker apparently knows the Zarelli family.

I want to go on record that I have never posted anything (Positive or negative)about Steven Zarelli or his family. .If someone is using my name then please stop doing so.

If someone,by coincidence,someone has the same name as myself then publish a phone number or an address to prove who you really are.

my Phone number, for verification is ***********.No prank calls please.

Mark C Caldwell

Herkimer New York

Houston, Texas, United States #851659

It is a bitter pill when a young collector begins helping fellow collectors and along the way he begins to get lost in his own narcissistic cocky overconfident ways and becomes sloppy .It is nice to thwart off forgeries but not at the expense of honest collectors and dealers.

It is my own opinion that Steve should take a long hiatus and refrain from reviewing any more autographs for a while. Steve needs to spend some quiet study time and refresh his authentication studies. Every time an authenticator makes a judgment on a written piece his/her goal needs to be the truth and not a pat on the back. Authentication is not a popularity contest.

It is unfair to make hasty inaccurate calls and it is the innocent collectors who pay the price for errors.This is my unbiased opinion

to AP #851820

AP Thank You ! Well stated !

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